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Heyo, still not dead! (unfortunately)

2017-05-09 15:35:19 by redonion

I'm not on Newgrounds that much nowadays but I've been in an artsy mood lately so hopefully that'll change. 

Anywho, I have a bunch of WIP's I need to finish, here's one I just started. It's a mashup of Genji and a Gundam. Similar to how they made Pharah's Mecha Queen skin.

I'm working on different color schemes for it and such but here's a rough idea.


Not ded ok

2016-10-12 02:16:40 by redonion

Yo peeps

I'm not dead dun worry. Just been doing other things like cosplay and school. Working on a few drawings and a digital painting that has been unfinished for months. (I'll get to it eventually)

Lemme know what kinda stuff ya wanna see, artwise or cosplay stuff w/e.

My art 2014 vs 2016

2016-03-10 17:19:10 by redonion

Just wanted to show how much you can improve in such short time. Only two years !


Yo I turned 19 today. Time to do nothing all day like I always do.


Hey all. I've been drawing quite a bit lately so I might as well announce that I am doing commissions! Any details about said commissions are done via PM or email. (

With that out of the way, I've been playing too much League of Legends. I need help. :P 
My birthday is around the corner, I'm buying so many skins. Helpmepls.gif

Hey what's up?

2016-01-25 18:37:05 by redonion

What are y'all up to? I've been cranking out a lot of art lately. So far I've made more things this year than I did last year which is a great sign, I feel like I've improved since then too. 

If you ever have any questions don't be afraid to ask.


I'm back!

2015-12-24 17:00:05 by redonion

So I have been absent for awhile (for those of you who care). But I am back stronger than ever, maybe for good. I have a lot of art I want to work on so I should be pretty active on here. You can find me on Deviantart as well if you care for that.  Maybe I'll stream on twitch? We'll see how that goes. 

Happy Holidays all! Take care.



2014-03-31 14:14:18 by redonion

Hey guys what's up? So I've had a Steam for about 2 years now and have just started using it again recently due to not having a PC to run any games. I also really wanna craft a badge for a game so if you have any spares or doubles, it'd be appreciated. :P I'm usually on TF2 or L4D2. So hit me up if you want to play something!

Steam name: Nikola Rezla

So a really long time ago I made a Lego Newgrounds tank. I decided to rebuild it. I think this version is a hell a lot more accurate. Enjoy!2959746_139561336281_LEGONGlogo.jpg

Art n Stuff

2014-03-16 19:27:52 by redonion

What's up? Been a long time huh? So I've been working on stuff, expect ot see it soon.